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Co-Hosts Rama Fox, M.A., and Dan Acuff, Ph.D., personally combine more than 50 years' experience in education, service, psychology, personal growth coaching and seminars, inspirational speaking, and spirituality. They promote the awareness that within our populace are significant, distinguished and growing numbers of individuals and organizations whose combined bodies of work constitute a virtual Treasure Trove of wealth regarding humanitarian affairs, human consciousness and possibility. Conversations With Greatness presents these life-affirming perspectives to the general public with the intention to substantially impact for the greater good of society. Known for their warmth, humor, sensitivity and playfulness, they provide a friendly, caring, well-informed and up-beat atmosphere.

Guest Speakers: Guest Speakers: Featured weekly are world-class guest speakers presenting contemporary issues in health, fitness, lifestyle, consciousness, leadership, change, politics and media. Rama & Dan's dialogues with these remarkable guests truly are Conversations with Greatness! Guests range from American Legends, Business Leaders, Visionaries, Sports & Media Celebrities, Olympian Athletes, and Best Selling authors to Leaders of the largest spiritual communities in the United States, Top Peak Performance, Motivational & Inspirational Speakers, world-known Humanitarians and Educators. These extraordinary Guests present priceless leading-edge insights and techniques for developing greater fulfillment, success, creativity and health. Tune in every week. Your Life Will Love You For It!

TO LISTEN:  Selected shows are now archived on the Conversations With Greatness web site and available for global listening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check the site for information about all past and up-coming guests and what shows are archived.

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  • Greater Personal Power
  • Secrets Of Couples' Success
  • Humor Is The Best Medicine
  • Forgiveness: Freedom's Gate
  • Humanitarianism
  • How & Why Coaching Works
  • We Are Spiritual Beings
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • Finding Your Own "True North"
  • The Brotherhood Of Man
  • How To Be More Creative
  • Living The Life You Love
  • Finding Your Life Mate
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Breaking Negative Habits
  • Living In Infinity
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Personal Growth Seminars
  • Effective Communication
  • Attitude Is Everything
  • Consciousness, Health & Healing
  • Loving Your Body
  • Wisdom Of The Heart
  • Oneness With All Life
  • Loving Your Work
  • The Price of Prejudice
  • Life Is Your Mirror
  • Life After Life
  • Captaining Your Own Life
  • Heightening Self-Esteem
  • The Joys Of Service
  • Thriving Families
  • Joyful Self-Expression
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