Rama and Dan Text



"Dear Guest Speakers:

The very fact that you have been invited to be or have already been on our show is our recognition of the significant contribution you and your chosen work are to the rest of society.

Regardless of how diverse the focuses each of you may have, we perceive an underlying intrinsic value calling out to be shared with on-going continuity. Therefore, we are creating and continually adding to a roster of Individuals of Excellence, of which we experience you to be one. We're calling this The Roster Of Greatness. This roster lives on continuously on our site after you have been our Guest Speaker; thereby, maintaining your continued "presence" with us.

We have chosen to do this because we know our world-wide web audience is constantly growing. Due to our live radio presence, there will continually be new visitors from around the world looking in on our website. Our intention is to become a kind of "Global Consciousness and Humanitarian Central." We're aware our expanding and treasured listenership may not all have had the pleasure of hearing you when you spoke live on our show. With this Roster Of Greatness, our visitors from around the world will be able to not only find out about you, they'll be able to instantly link to your web site!

We are in the process of building a central station through which people can connect directly with some of the greatest talent on the planet. This means you. It is our hope that you will be inspired to have us as a link from your site, as well! We anticipate a synergistic "happening" of huge proportions which will quite naturally bring into focus an encouraging and inspiring global awareness.

Regardless of all the highlighted, underscored, emphasized, and endlessly reported strife and separation bombarding our global family, there is a massive legion of talent who are ready, willing and able to assist our fellow man in reaching for, and attaining, new heights in human consciousness. When seen in its proper perspective, our diversity and uniqueness are part of our power and the gifts we have to give one another.

We also honor your insight and any "feed-forward" you'd like to give us will be much appreciated and sincerely looked into, taking into consideration all else at which we're looking.

Additionally, your time on the air with us will not be lost. As soon as we're able, tapes of all past guest speakers will be available for purchase from our store.

Thank you for being a part of our growing global family and Roster of Greatness.

Sincerely, Rama & Dan

P.S. A NOTE TO THOSE WHO DON'T ALREADY HAVE A WEB SITE: It is very clear to us that the majority of business in the future will be web-based. If you do not now have a web site, you might want to visit our web master, Your Digital Dragon. The web site they've done for us is, by our choice, intended to be an informal, warm, homey, playful and inviting kind of cyberspace "cottage." However, they can do anything you'd like. Whatever you do, we suggest you entertain at minimum getting a starter site so you'll at least have a web site presence. It's a lot easier and more fun than you might think."