APRIL,  MAY  and  JUNE  2001


Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MONDAY APRIL 2, 2001:
Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.  is an international author, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, teacher/trainer,talk-show host, and seminar leader. Her company, Motivation Management Service Institute, Inc.(MMS), has reached millions of people worldwide. Her #1 New York Times Best Selling book, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human is now published in 25 countries. Chérie is co-authoring Chicken Soup for the Global Soul with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Her latest book is If Success Is A Game, These are the Rules: 10 Rules For a Fulfilling Life.

Jeffrey Mishlove. Ph.D.MONDAY APRIL 9, 2001:
Jeffrey Mishlove. Ph.D., is the renowned psychologist, researcher and host of the weekly national public television series Thinking Allowed and the daily Wisdom Radio program Virtual U. As the author of the landmark books, The Roots of Consciousness and Psi Development System, Jeffrey brings us his newest book, THE PK MAN: A True Story of Mind Over Matter the implications of which are staggering to those of us who live 'ordinary' lives.

Dr. Paul H. Ray, Ph.D. MONDAY APRIL 16, 2001:
Dr. Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., is a sociologist and co-author of the landmark book, The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Milion People Are Changing the World. He reveals a growing sub-culture of over 26% of America, quietly reaching a critical mass and revolutionizing the American way of life. Driven by values rather than dollars, their concerns are environmental, personal growth and spirituality, relationships, and inner personal experience, as well as the larger global picture.

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.MONDAY APRIL 23, 2001:
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., author of Brain Longevity: The Breakthrough Medical Program That Improves Your Mind & Memory   and   The Pain Cure: The Proven Medical Program That Helps End Your Chronic Pain,  brings us his new book, Meditation as Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force.  In addressing the close to 40 million Americans who've tried meditation, Dr. Khalsa is one of the few physicians in the world who's also a yogi, highly versed in a myriad of meditation & medical practices applicable to many of life's ills. He shows us specific meditations addressing specific illnesses, as well as promoting overall well-being.

Ray Bradbury MONDAY APRIL 30, 2001:
Ray Bradbury, is an extraordinarily popular and prolific writer of science fiction, including the much acclaimed The Martian Chronicles. Mr. Bradbury is the recipient of many awards, including the Los Angeles Citizen of the Year Award (1995), the Bram Stoker Award (1989), the Nebula Award (1988), the Prometheus Award (1984), The Gandalf Award (1980), the World Fantasy Award (1977), and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (1970). So universally admired is his work that the Dandelion Crater on the Moon was named after Bradbury’s novel,
Dandelion Wine.

Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker MONDAY MAY 7, 2001:
Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker, dynamo speaker, motivator, best-selling author, minister, Emmy-winning TV producer & personality shares with us about life and her latest book, Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner A Future: Seven Steps to the Spiritual & Material Riches of Life.

David Kessler MONDAY MAY 14, 2001:
David Kessler is an end of life specialist, helping hundreds of individuals face death with peace, dignity and courage. Featured in many top publications and TV shows, David is the founder and supporter of various charitable organizations, is a lecturer, author of the internationally published The Needs Of The Dying and in Los Angeles leads The Bogeyman in the Closet, a support group for people with cancer. His newest book, Life Lessons, is co-written with the beloved Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., and addresses the mysteries of life and loving.

Rhonda Britten MONDAY MAY 21, 2001:
Rhonda Britten, overcoming personal and violent tragedy, is a lecturer, author, personal coach and founder of the Fearless Living Institute in Los Angeles. Her book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses, Love Without Regret, makes available life-transforming work through use of a practical blueprint for success, happiness and life without fear.

Raymond Moody, Jr., Ph.D., M.D.,MONDAY MAY 28, 2001:
Raymond Moody, Jr., Ph.D., M.D., the world-renowned researcher who first introduced the Near-Death Experience (NDE) in his multi-million copy bestseller Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of Bodily Death, now examines the reaction of the world to the NDE and to paranormal experiences, in general. In his controversial new book, The Last Laugh: A New Philosophy of Near-Death Experiences, Apparitions, and the Paranormal, Dr. Moody dispels many myths that have formed around the NDE and lays out a new paradigm for future exploration.

Anna Coy MONDAY JUNE 4, 2001:
Anna Coy is a certified TransformBreathing Specialist, lecturer, seminar leader, writer and personal trainer. She composes and records music to accompany her guided breathing CD/cassette series, Relax & Breathe. The importance of proper breathing is finally coming to the forefront of medical and public awareness. Few of us know how to breathe properly; Anna will assist us in developing better breath techniques. How you breathe is how you live.

Frank DeMarco MONDAY JUNE 11, 2001:
Frank DeMarco, is an author, as well as founder, co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, and explorer of the uncharted territory that lies beyond normal physical reality. In his new book Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality, DeMarco describes unusual resources others can use, particularly in connection with out-of-body explorations taught by Bob Monroe from The Monroe Institute, along with nearly unbelievable natural human abilities available to us all.

Alert Staffing MONDAY JUNE 18, 2001:
Victoria Lowe, B.A., founder, President and C.E.O. of the multi-award winning company, Alert Staffing, named the #1 Woman Owned Business in L.A. by the Los Angeles Business Journal, it is the largest minority staffing service in the country. She is the 2001 President of the National Association of Women Business Owners. In six short years, Victoria evolved Alert Staffing from the walls of her living room, with one unpaid employee to a 200 million dollar company with branches in over ten states. An extraordinarily successful businesswoman and humanitarian, she also works with the Los Angeles Urban League, the Young Presidents Club, the United Way, March of Dimes, 100 Black Women and several area chambers of commerce.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ph.D. MONDAY JUNE 25, 2001:
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ph.D. for decades has been hailed as a visionary futurist, author, speaker, social architect and spiritual pioneer. President of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, she is developing the first Center for Conscious Evolution of Humanity in Santa Barbara, CA, broadcasting "Live from the Peace Room" on Internet radio at: www.wisdommedia.com. She is a founding member of the Association for Global New Thought and her five books include The Evolutionary Journey, Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential and her latest, EMERGENCE: The Shift from Ego to Essence.


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