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Rev. Michael Beckwith - Founder and Spiritual Director of one of the world's largest and fastest growing spiritual communities, The Agape International Center of Truth. A pioneering organization in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality, philosophy, and social action, counting 7,000 members and 19,000 friends within its local and global presence in Los Angeles, New York, Brazil, South Africa and Jamaica. Dr. Beckwith oversees a network of twenty ministries. He is a National Co-Director of the international movement "A Season for Nonviolence", founded in partnership with Mohandas K. Gandhi's grandson, Arun Gandi, teaching principles embodied by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For the last three years at its inaugural event, Dr. Beckwith has addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Alan Cohen MONDAY AUGUST 14, 2000:
Alan Cohen, M.A., is a spiritual teacher and seminar leader, considered by many to be one of the major players in the spiritual revolution taking place on our planet today. Expressing great humor and heart, Alan has produced 20 inspirational books and tapes including The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, A Deep Breath of Life, and My Father's Voice--and is a much-sought after and beloved speaker in the burgeoning "new thought" community. His syndicated column, From The Heart, appears monthly in new thought magazines internationally.

Rudy Ruettiger - The inspiration for the TRISTAR blockbuster film, RUDY, and author of Rudy's Insights for Winning at Life who beat all odds to play football for Notre Dame -- and make history of the heart. He faith in following his dream, no matter what, has endeared him to millions and inspired countless souls who identify with Rudy's "ordinariness", to utilize his message in reaching for their own dreams. Today Rudy Ruettiger is a beloved motivational speaker and coach, an author and someone we love to admire. He inspires us to get off the bench and fully get into the game of life.

David Cumes, M.D. MONDAY AUGUST 28, 2000:
David Cumes, M.D., South African Shaman and author of Inner Passages Outer Journeys and The Spirit of Healing. He taught at Stanford Medical Center and is a specialist in urologic surgery in Santa Barbara, California. By combining the advances of Western science with the intuitive healing practices of native cultures and the healing energy of the wilderness, Dr. Dave provides us with a new vision of healing. With western healing sciences, why would we be interested in the healing techniques of ancient cultures? How important is a "Place" -- an actual physical space -- for healing?

Burton Goldberg MONDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2000:
Burton Goldberg is a nationally-known advocate of alternative medicine. His introduction to the field began through an attempt to help resolve the health crisis of a close friend. This incident sparked an 18 year quest which took him to clinics and conferences around the world; an endeavor which has culminated with the publication of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, a 4-year, two million dollar project that assembes the knowledge and experience of nearly 400 hundred leading physicians and scientists in the alternative medical community.

Susan Christine Hay MONDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2000:
Susan Christine Hay - Journalling Expert and author of the remarkable and controversial new book, Dreams Of The Heart. Susan will share with us how to by-pass needing a psychic to answer questions to fix our problems. Because we already have the answers inside, we can each access our own inner wisdom via the "Art of Journaling"! Learn how to develop a personal guide to your soul, interpret your dreams, deal with inner voices of fear and anxiety and plumb your inner treasures!


Art Berg , wheelchair-bound, award-winning motivational and inspirational speaker & author of Some Miracles Take Time and Finding Peace In Troubled Waters. Chosen as one of five out of over 4,900 professional speakers, on August 8th, 2000, Art was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame! He brings us his wonderful story of personal challenge & triumph, alive with practical, universally applicable life-lessons with great warmth and disarming humor. He shows us that despite our circumstances, our dreams CAN be fulfilled -- AND THE IMPOSSIBLE ACCOMPLISHED!

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.'s MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 2000:
Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.'s are authors, psychologists and renowned keynote speakers. Gay & Kathlyn are founders of the Hendricks Institute for Bodymind Integration, training professionals in the field of Conscious Living. Also considered experts extroardinaire in the field of Couples Relationships, some of their titles are: The Corporate Mystic, At the Speed of Life, Conscious Loving--The Journey to Co-Commitment and Conscious Living. Join us in discovering user-friendly tools for conscious loving and living!

Jack Canfield MONDAY OCTOBER 9, 2000:
Jack Canfield - Jack has conducted intensive personal and professional development seminars for over 750,000 people worldwide. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of others at numerous conferences and conventions and has been seen by millions on television shows such as: Oprah, The Today Show, 20/20, "NBC and CBS Nightly News" and many others. His publications include 21 books (including the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series) with at least two books on the New York Times bestseller list every week for the last three years.

Harry Paul, Sr. MONDAY OCTOBER 16, 2000:
Harry Paul, Sr. - VP with the Ken Blanchard Companies (business experts par excellance) and co-author of the sensational new book FISH!  A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results   based on the brilliantly innovative and successful principles of the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Would you like to go to work each day in happy anticipation & spend your time working as if you were at play? This little book with a BIG MESSAGE is about loving the work we do--regardless of the circumstances. Harry Paul will share with us the four magic steps for loving what we do, wherever we are (not just at work)!

Kathy Smith MONDAY OCTOBER 23, 2000:
Kathy Smith is one of America's leading fitness & nutrition experts. One of the top producers in the fitness industry, Kathy is the creator of a fitness empire that over the past 10 years has sold more than $500 million in products, earning her a spot in the Video Hall of Fame. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, motivational speaker, author, television personality, and syndicated news columnist.

Lawrence Caminite MONDAY OCTOBER 30, 2000:
Lawrence Caminite has assisted tens of thousands of people and is highly sought after internationally for his acclaimed work with individuals, couples, CEOs and companies in attaining more of the experiences they desire, whether of a personal or business nature. During workshops, by telephone or one-on-one sessions, his work has been called "miraculous" as unconscious blocks, habitual patterns and invisible barriers dissolve. His methods are unique, his results are remarkable. Reach him at 818-783-2774.


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