Our Services


Rama Fox, M.A., and Dan Acuff, Ph.D., combine more than fifty years' experience in education, service, psychology, personal growth coaching and seminars, inspirational speaking, and spirituality.

Dr. Dan Acuff and Rama Fox are a dynamic, entertaining team as Featured Speakers, Workshop Leaders or as MCs. They are available as:


  • Featured Speakers at Workshops, Conferences, Meetings

  • Speakers, Workshop Leaders on Cruises, Vacation Scenarios

  • Hosting On-Site Radio Broadcasts - Live or Taped

  • MCs for Fund Raisers

  • MCs of Charity Events

  • Hosts/MCs of Televised Events


Please Contact Us   at contact@conversationswithgreatness.com for Scheduling / Booking Information.

To Inquire about the individual leadership and speaking services of Rama Fox or Dr. Dan Acuff, please link to their individual pages below: